Volunteering in Anapoima, Colombia



Approximately 90kms away from Bogotá, a young Colombian-Israeli couple gave life to Cultivarte - a gorgeous bamboo house in the middle of a mango garden where people from all over can get closer to nature and cultivate their inner world.


Our typical day as volunteers

6:30 a.m - Wake up time.

7:00 a.m - Taking care of the animals. Julie: feeding the hens. Marti: freeing Margarita, the donkey, and cleaning after her.

8:30 a.m - Breakfast: arepa with scrambled eggs from the farm and delicious freshly squeezed juice.


9:00 a.m - Building a stone path: digging, rock cutting, lifting, placing and sticking together. You'd better be good at playing tetris.

12:00 p.m - Lunch: colorful and tasty vegetarian dishes.


12:45 p.m - Siesta.

1:30 p.m - Garden activities: mowing the lawn, clearing the bamboo forest, harvesting mangoes and mandarines, making compost etc. 


3:30 p.m - Free time.

8:00 p.m - Dinner: as tasty as lunch.

9ish p.m - Singing, dancing, watching the stars or chatting till bed time.

Muchas Gracias - Todah Raba

Natalia and Eyal, thank you for sharing your home and knowledge with us. This has been an inspirational adventure. We couldn't hope for a better workaway experience to end our time in South America.