Volunteering in Kampong Chin, Cambodia



We met our new workaway host, Rachel, in one of Kampot‘s cute coffee places. After a delicious breakfast, we followed her for an hour, with our crappy rented scooter, along the dusty red road leading to the isolated village of Kampong Chin.


The Red Road Foundation

For the past four years, this inspiring young woman from California has been working hard on her project, The Red Road Foundation, which provides free education in an eco-sustainable environment.


So far, she has transformed her piece of land into an organic farm run by a local family under her supervision. Moreover, with the help and support of many foreign volunteers, she has created an impressive earthship that serves as a school to the children of the village.


As volunteers, we helped taking care of the moringa plantation and often took the cows around the property to make sure grass never lacked. Yet, our main task was to teach English.


Every afternoon, Bong Da, Rachel’s right arm, would leave with his tuk-tuk also known as the school bus, and return with over 25 kids, eager to learn whatever skill was to be shared.

We strived to insert some English teaching in every activity we carried out for them: yoga, crafts, flashcard games, board games, ball games etc. Still, to this day, the oscar goes to Jérémy.


Indeed, this original 27 year-old volunteer left Toulouse in May, and traveled with his accordion all the way to Cambodia, solely via land. The sound of his instrument brought everyone together and was by far the most entertaining way to learn some English.

Okun Cha Rachel, Bong Da plus family, and all the lovely children of Kampong Chin.