Urban Agriculture in Mexico City

Driven by a need to understand where food actually comes from, Flor - a 31 year old from Buenos Aires, Argentina - began paving her path in urban agriculture. In 2016, she gave life to Sitopia together with her business partner.


Sitopia aims at teaching people how to grow fruit and vegetables in the heart of Mexico City, one of the busiest and most contaminated world capitals. How? Through simple and fun workshops: 5 hours is all it takes to begin making a change.


While meeting for a quick coffee in Buenos Aires, it became obvious that we were riding the same wave. For that, although our schedule was already filled with Chile, Colombia and the USA, we decided to make space for Mexico.


During six days, Flor shared her knowledge and experience. We learned how to make a good soil, plant, prune and so much more. Even if she did mention nature would always be our most reliable teacher, we felt privileged to have her as our guide.


Mil gracias Flor. Nos enseñaste que cambiar no es tan dificil como parece y que vale totalmente la pena moverse, aprender, compartir y creer. Los limites al final solo pertenecen a nuestras mentes. Cada Flor nace de una semilla ¿ no es cierto ?