Crossing Cambodia



While sharing experiences with other travelers, we found out Cambodia had a scarce reputation: the exploitation of volunteers for business purposes and a widespread sense of victimization – certainly tied to a recent history of violence – almost had us skip this destination we’d actually long craved to visit. Yet an interesting workaway opportunity came up near Kampot, and that became a good enough reason to cross Cambodia from North to South.


Siem Reap

We started off in Siem Reap, main entryway to the magnificent archeological site and ancient capital of the Khmer Empire: Angkor.


We stayed at Dominique’s, a French nomad who has been globetrotting since 2002 with his best friend, NòNò, an elegant German Sheppard.


Dom fully embraces the original airbnb spirit. Our evening out together with him and his other guests included a crocodile burger for the meat eaters, followed by fun games of pool. Thanks to his network, we were also able to fit in a Khmer cooking class.



We split our bus journey to Kampot with a pit stop in Phnom Penh. Those of you passionate about history please ignore the next line. Foodies, you may continue. Truth is, what we will remember from the Cambodian capital is the restaurant Farm to Table, where we somehow managed to squeeze in two delicious meals. And eventually, we reached the lovely little city of Kampot.


We spent the night in the most tastefully decorated place along the riverside, at Viola’s– who grew up only a few kilometers away from Marti’s hometown. In this little Italy so far from our bel paese, we couldn’t resist using the moka for a good coffee and ordering a pizza margherita.