“We want to get lost, find ourselves, get lost again, learn and discover. Our way of traveling is humble, ironic, curious and light – except for our backpacks. We have no set goals, just desires”

What Martino says about Julie:

Julie is a colorful soul. She is a mix of three different cultures that she joyfully carries along with her. She is only 30 but have been through a lot in her journey on this planet so far. Brave, sparkly and sensitive, she is a magnet for kids and people who just want to be happy and see the fun side of life. If she were a film she would be Captain Fantastic. If she were a song she would be Simple Song by The Shins.

What Julie says about Martino:

Martino embraces life with a smile. His glass is always half full. Humble and bright, he puts a lot of thought and heart into everything he does and constantly welcomes fresh perspectives. Both passionate and grounded, he is a realistc dreamer. It is thanks to his curious and optimistic nature that we made this world trip happen.If he were a film he would be Juno. If he were a song he would be Ask by The Smiths.